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Stroll around Happy Longtan (Taiwan’s classic retirement town in 2005 and 2019), where the Hakka rural landscape is preserved, tea plantations, third-level monuments, Taiwan’s top ten constructions...etc., the vast tea fields are full of fragrant rice, Longquan tea, and oriental beauties. The tea is worth tasting (in the 2022 Taiwan High-Quality Oriental Beauty Tea Evaluation Competition, Longtan won 5 first prizes), the nearby Yishang Restaurant serves tea as a dish, Shimen Reservoir Live Fish, Songye Garden, Chaogui Restaurant, Chiang Mansion There are constant feasts and feasts, and it is even more beautiful when it snows in May every year (tung blossom season). It is fun to see, eat, and enjoy along the way. Rugu Mountain Night Scenic Area, Lilliputian Country, Leofoo Village, Souvenir City, Shimen Mountain Trail, Reservoir Fireflies, Sankeng Natural Ecological Park, Lion Stationery Imagination Factory, and Daxi Old Street are all within a 10-15 minute drive After arriving, you can also go all the way to Beiheng Highway to enjoy the uncanny natural scenery (cherry blossoms and sacred trees). Welcome to Longtan to immerse yourself in nature and culture. The B&B is located within 10 minutes of the Daxi & Longtan Interchange, 7-11, FamilyMart, Lai Erfu, a 3-minute walk from the bus station, only accepts one group of VIPs a day.

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